By Joe Slater Via Bulletin Gold

God has never required trusting obedience without evidence. Biblical
faith is not blind faith. Throughout the ages He has shown Himself to
be infinitely worthy of our confidence.

In ancient times He used signs (miracles) to confirm His word. Jesus
utilized abundant signs during His ministry. Despite such clear proof,
His enemies taunted, “We want to see a sign from You” (Matthew
12:38). But Jesus, knowing their corrupt hearts, rejected their ploy. He
would give them no sign except His resurrection!

God has blessed us today with His completely revealed, confirmed,
and recorded word. His inspired apostles worked innumerable signs to
verify it. That task being complete, no further proof is needed.

Supernatural gifts, therefore, have ceased (1 Corinthians 13:8-10).
Nevertheless, many even today clamor for a sign! A difficult
decision confronts us -“Give me a sign, Lord!” We want to know what
the future holds – “Lord, send me a sign!”

More often than not, modern sign-seekers assume their subjective
feelings are signs from God. “This decision gives me peace, so it must
be God’s will.” Such reasoning is backward! We ought to be at peace
because we know our decision is according to God’s written will, not
just assume it is God’s will because we feel at peace.

It all goes back to “facts, faith, and feelings.” God’s word establishes
the facts. Upon God’s word we base our faith. Knowing that we have
trusted and obeyed God’s word should make us feel good. Many,
however, have reversed this order: I feel like this is right; therefore,
that’s what I believe; therefore, it must be God’s will.”

We have God’s confirmed will. We need no signs!