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The Groveland church of Christ provides the following home study guides free of charge. We encourage you to download these guides and using your Bible to study the inspired word.

We have provided the study solutions and answers to the questions in the study guides.

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The study guides have been produced by Apologetics Press .  We encourage you to visit Apologetics Press for additional study materials.

Introductory Study

Series Lesson Number Title
Introductory Lesson 1 The Many Faces and Causes of Unbelief
Introductory Lesson 2 The Existence of God—Cause & Effect
Introductory Lesson 3 The Existence of God—Design
Introductory Lesson 4 The Existence of God—Morality
Introductory Lesson 5 Creation vs. Evolution—[Part I]
Introductory Lesson 6 Creation vs. Evolution—[Part II]
Introductory Lesson 7 A General Introduction to the Bible
Introductory Lesson 8 The Inspiration of the Bible
Introductory Lesson 9 What Does God Expect of Me?
Introductory Lesson 10 The Church
Introductory All Lessons Answers to Questions

Intermediate Study

Series Lesson Number Title
Intermediate Lesson 1 Faith and Knowledge—[Part I]
Intermediate Lesson 2 Faith and Knowledge—[Part II]
Intermediate Lesson 3 “In the Image and Likeness of God”
Intermediate Lesson 4 Jesus Christ—Lord and Savior
Intermediate Lesson 5 Satan—His Origin and Mission
Intermediate Lesson 6 Evil, Pain, and Suffering
Intermediate Lesson 7 The Origin of the Soul
Intermediate Lesson 8 The Destiny of the Soul
Intermediate Lesson 9 Creation vs. Evolution—[Part I]
Intermediate Lesson 10 Creation vs. Evolution—[Part II]
Intermediate All Lessons Answers to Questions

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