By Cecil May, Jr via Preacher Talk

In the United States, people with views hostile to Biblical Christianity are satisfied with Christians as long as we keep our faith to ourselves. One said, “Keep all religion in your church, in your home, and out of the public square, and most of all, out of my face!” Another remarked, “Christian Right people can do what they want in their churches and homes, but not in the public arena.” (George Yancy, professor of sociology, University of North Texas, quoted in Christianity Today, 27 March 2015)

Our Christianity cannot be hidden in our church buildings! It must be taken to the marketplace. Compassion for the poor and homeless must be demonstrated where the poor and homeless are. Cries for social justice must be heard by those who make and enforce our laws. Our opposition to immorality must be heard where immorality is being approved. Our message of love and redemption through Jesus Christ is to be proclaimed to every living creature.

Question for atheists and secular humanists: Do you keep your faith out of the public arena?