By Andrew Beaseley Via Bulletin Gold

On a number of occasions, the Bible depicts storms as
being a terrifying ordeal that can cause havoc in ones
life. One might think of Jonah’s ordeal before being
swallowed by the great fish, or the disciples as they
were tossed about while Jesus slept as a reference point.
While there are some in the world who teach that if you
are a Christian, then you will be blessed with an
abundance of wealth and good health. This teaching is
patently untrue. That is not to say that Christians will
not be blessed with health and wealth, but it is not a
guarantee. What seemingly is guaranteed is that every
individual, regardless of the safety of their soul, will
face storms in their life.

How will we respond? During those storms will we
become bitter like Jonah? Will our faith falter in the
way that the disciples did? Or will we reflect on the fact
that we have a Savior who can calm the storm (Lk. 8:22-25)?
Will we remember that we have a Father who
created all things and set them in their place (Psa. 19)?
Whether our lives follow in the footsteps of Jonah, the
disciples, or some other path one fact remains
unchanged. In the midst of storms, we have hope in Him.