What If Jesus Had Returned Yesterday? By Milton Smith

The title of this article is a question of no little importance. And when we reflect upon Jesus’ own words that “many” will choose to walk the way of eternal destruction and that “few will ultimately make it to the gates of Heaven (cf. Matthew 7:13-14), this question becomes even richer in significance. While our busy schedules might often prevent us from doing so, we should actually reflect upon His return every day! Could it be that the Lord has chosen tomorrow as the day of His return? If that be the case, in what condition will you find yourself to be in the day after tomorrow? Only the wise will bother to seriously ponder this thought.

We all need to live every day as if we actually had access to information that told us that Jesus’ return was imminent; that it could occur at any moment “in the twinkling of an eye.” But it is most interesting to consider the fact that in a very real way, that is actually true. Ne know that Jesus promised us that He would return, and we know that we are closer to that day than any day that has yet dawned upon this earth; but we also know that this very day could be that day!

The world is nearly 2000 years closer to His return than it was during His earthly walk when He often spoke of that fateful day involving His impending return. “Watch” was the word of caution that Jesus often used when He spoke of that inevitable day of His assured return. Later today, we will close out another day on earth (Lord willing!). Each of us will then welcome the dawning of a new day. May we all be living our lives as if we knew for a guaranteed fact that tomorrow would be that final day of mankind’s existence in this rapidly passing world.

“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming” (Matthew 25:13).

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