By J. Randal Matheny Via Bulletin Gold

We meet together today as God’s holy people, purified
by His word of truth and cleansed by the blood of Christ
in baptism.

Our meetings reflect our character, which in turn
determines our thoughts given to the mercies of Christ,
our gratitude thrown upward to God, our praises louder
for new life in the Spirit, our prayers fervent that others
might come to this knowledge.

In our meetings, we acknowledge our churchness,
that we are a people, that no one walks alone, that
purification leads to fellowship, that God’s word unites

Our meetings, like all parts of our life, private and
public, show who we are: faithful to the command of
God, bound together as followers of Jesus, empowered
to serve in the strength of the Holy Spirit.

In them, ineffable joy breaks out, peace infuses each
soul, love finds expression, compassion turns to
generosity, and to need is granted fullness.

Be present, and be a celebrant of the God who reigns
and blesses.