There’s A Time To Just Say NO! – Mike Riley

There’s a time to just say NO! to the world’s negative influences and say YES! to God’s priorities and will (Matthew 6:33; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; 5:18).

The following are eight of those times:

1) Just Say NO! to worldly peer pressure— Never follow a crowd to do evil (Exodus 23:2).

2) Just Say NO! to worldly mediocrity— God expects excellence from His followers.

3) Just Say NO! to trying to do too many things at once — Rather, strive to live a balanced life.

4) Just Say NO! to being unproductive – Don’t allow unproductive people to waste your time or God’s time.

5) Just Say NO! to shortcuts— Remember the old maxim,”Haste makes waste?” Well, it still does.

6) Just Say NO! to ungratefulness — Let’s be thankful to the good Lord for the things He has provided us, rather than being obsessed with always wanting “more.”

7) Just Say NO! to folks who have negative attitudes – – This is why we need to carefully choose the people with whom we associate. Remember, attitude is everything!

8) Just Say NO! to anyone who wants to compromise our integrity – – Allow the Lord to guide us in this regard (Proverbs 3:5-6).