The Law, Pattern, and Nature of God by Tim Dooley

There has been so much misunderstanding about the nature of God and His law among men that the simple truth isn’t always so apparent today even among the children of God. The law of God in the Old Testament (i.e. the Law of Moses) was not about vengeance, but justice. It was in great part God’s way of protecting the helpless and innocent, providing for the needy, and blessing the righteous. He gave the children of Israel a pattern to follow in all things. As God continued to direct His people through Moses He gave them very detailed plans so that they would be able to fulfill His will. Stop and think of just how thoughtful the God of heaven is who does not leave His people without guidance and instruction.

He too has given us a law for justice, protection ,provision, and blessing, as well as a pattern to follow that we may remain in a covenant relation-ship with Him. Indeed, if we love the Master, and our families, we will allow Him to pierce our ear, and we will serve Him faithfully forever (Ex.21:5-6). How sad it is when anyone turns from the Lord’s instruction and leans on their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). Be thankful, be obedient, and be faithful!