The Heart Of A Fighter

By Landon Saunders

Sometimes it’s so easy to feel as if you’re down for the count. Alone. Face on the mat…you’ve been dealt one of life’s toughest blows.

‘ve felt this way more than once. And in a daze P’ve heard the count, four, five, six. And something in me says, Get up. This is no way to go out…face down…without a fight.”

You’ ve been there, too, haven’t you? So, what can you do? I like to think of a little child whose heart motivates him to get up again and again, fall after fall, determined to stand again and learn to walk.

The heart of a child… That’s the heart needed to handle what life throws your way. The heart enables you to stand once again in the center of the ring.

If you’re on the mat, feeling alone, remember the little child. That stirring you feel is the heart of the child within you…just waiting for another chance to take on the world.

Christ understood the splendid qualities of a child’s heart. Read Mark 10:13-16 or Luke 18:15-17.
Via….Bulletin Digest