By Mac Deaver

In Phil. 4:4 Paul wrote, «Rejoice in the Lord always: again I
will say, Rejoice.” –But what are some circumstances that call
forth the joy of which Paul speaks?

We ought to rejoice in our salvation. After the Ethiopian
officers conversion, he went on his way rejoicing (Acts 8:39).
After the seventy returned from their mission, Jesus told them to
rejoice that their names were written in heaven (Lk. 10:20). If
one’s sins are forgiven and his name is written in the Lamb’s
book of life, he certainly ought to rejoice.

We ought to rejoice as we realize that God is in control of
world affairs. Sometimes the catastrophic events throughout the
world cause us all great concern. But we must not despair,
realizing that God is aware of all, and is in control of all. (Rom.
13:1-4; Isaiah 6:l). And even if we must suffer for right-doing,
there is occasion for rejoicing (Acts 5:41; 1 Peter 2:20).

We ought to rejoice in the knowledge that all will work out to
the ultimate good of the faithful. “And we know that to them
that love God all things work together for good, even to them
that are called according to his purpose” (Rom. 8:28). All
things revolve around the good of the church. Paul also said,
“The Lord will deliver me from every evil work, and will save
unto his heavenly kingdom….” (2 Tim. 4:18).

Indeed, the Christian has every reason to rejoice in the Lord.

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