In Season, Out of Season

By John K. Wills

On his second missionary journey, Paul came to the city of
Philippi. There, while worshiping by the river, he met and
baptized Lydia. But not all in Philippi listened to Paul and
he was falsely accused of “troubling the city” (Acts 16:20).
Beaten and thrown into prison, Paul and Silas did not let
persecution stop their preaching. Instead they sang hymns
to God. An earthquake gave Paul the opportunity to tell the
jailor about the hope of eternal life through Jesus. The jailor
gathered his family and they heard the precious message
of Jesus Christ. He and all in his household were
immediately baptized-the same hour of the night!

Paul could have griped and moped about his problems.
Instead, he was devoted to serving God. He had come to a
city where he knew no one. On the day of worship he went
where others were worshiping God. An obstacle became an
opportunity to tell others about Jesus. Falsely imprisoned,
he preached Christ to the keeper of the jail.

How important is Christ to us today? Are we going where
we can worship with others? Can we overcome the fear of
persecution, or rejection by telling others the good nevws of
Jesus? When our soul’s salvation becomes more important,
then we like Paul, will be “ready in season and out of
season” to spread the gospel to our world.