By Andrew Beasley Via Bulletin Gold

Leaving the past behind frequently is among the greatest
challenges a Christian may face. I imagine for the Apostle
Paul, leaving the memories of his former life behind were
a challenge as well. Think, for a moment, of what Saul of
Tarsus was guilty of. He is the authority figure
responsible for the murder of Stephen (Acts 8:1) as well
as for the persecution of countless other Christians (Acts
8:3). It would be no surprise if his past actions weighed
heavily on his soul. Yet as a Christian he recognized the
significance of leaving that all in the past.

In the same way, we cannot dwell on the former things
either. Sometimes Christians are guilty of romanticizing
the life that they used to live. Others are guilty of allowing
the disappointments of their past to become stumbling
blocks for their future. Paul seems to recognize the
significance in leaving the glorification of our past, or the
wallowing in sorrow over our past, behind and instead
focusing on what matters: Christ, and the prize that
accompanies following Him. Just a few verses earlier

Paul said he desired to know Christ, the power of His
resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering that he
might attain the resurrection from the dead (Phil. 3:10-

One thing Paul did, and one thing we must do, is focus
on what lies ahead. Focus on the goal of going home to
heaven. In order to do so, we must leave the past in the

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