By Edd Sterchi – Via Bulletin Gold


In Acts 18:24-28, we are introduced to a Christian
named Apollos. He was a great example in spreading
the word of God.

We can certainly learn from His ways. Notice for

* He was mighty in the Scriptures (v.24). He knew the
Word of God, but it is also important to note that he
was always willing to learn them more accurately

* He was eloquent (v.24). He spoke in a manner that
people wanted to hear what he had to say.

* He was fervent in spirit (v.25). He was always
excited about telling God’s truths.

* He spoke boldly (v.26). He was courageous in
presenting the Word of God. He never backed down
from the truth.

* He always proved his point (v.28). He used the
Scriptures to establish that what he was speaking was
from God.