AMERICA is a Beautiful Word

What do you see when you look at the word “America?” What mental pictures do the seven letters create in your mind?

To me the capital letter “A” suggests our magnificent snow-covered mountain peaks, and the wigwams of the original Americans.

The letter “M” symbolizes the broad shoulders of our pioneers; shoulders-to-the-wheel pushing our frontiers westward; broad shoulders swinging axes, building a Nation.

The letter “E” might be the lariats of the cowboys riding the plains; lariats of Kit Carson or Buffalo Bill.

The letter “R” is a man with hand outstretched in friendship and cooperation toward all who love freedom, justice and peace.

The letter “I” represents the individual American with his rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The letter “C” is a bent bow from which an arrow had just sped toward the stars of mankind’s highest ideals.

The final letter “A” is a man on his knees in prayer, symbolizing a Nation which recognizes its Creator and gives thanks for His blessings.

Yes, America is a beautiful word!

Via Beech Grove church of Christ. Spring Hil, TN