2-27-22 “Cancel Culture”

Joe Slater

How would you like to be remembered only for the worst things you ever did? It doesn’t matter that you changed your mind and your behavior later. Who cares if you did good things too? We’ll just bypass all that and erase you from existence! The current “Cancel Culture” craze has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. From Elmer Fudd to famous historical figures, vilification and removal from public view have become the order of the day. Is this really the way to deal with things we find offensive? I’m thankful God doesn’t subscribe to Cancel Culture. If He did, we would know nothing of people like Noah (remember, he got drunk and exposed himself shamefully). Abraham would be written off as nothing but a deceiver (Pharaoh didn’t appreciate it when Abraham said Sarah was his sister). Who can forget David’s adultery and murder? Should we remove his psalms from our Bible? And then there’s Peter, who denied three times that he even knew Jesus! One of many great things about the Bible is that it portrays its heroes “warts and all.” We ought to understand Noah’s drunkenness, Abraham’s deceit, David’s adultery and murder, and Peter’s panic. We ought to learn from these things, as well as from those men’s great demonstrations of faith. Wisdom would dictate the same course for historical figures with less than stellar behaviors. I hope you never find out about the evil things I’ve done and said. You might want to cancel me! As to hitting the panic button over Elmer Fudd’s use of a gun to hunt that wascally wabbit, Ill leave you to use your boundless wisdom to work that out!